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Milestone One Justification
The rationale for the Idea
Dellags Company is well known for its creativity and innovation in the design,
manufacture, and distribution of personal computers and printers in the market. The company
has identified a gap in the market and sought to bridge this gap through the design and
manufacture of an all-in-one laptop and printer. This is a new product in the market that aimed at
meeting the printing, scanning, and computing services of individuals who are on the move. The
decision was based on research conducted by the company indicating that the business
environment has changed significantly.
Globalization and enhancement in technology have seen individuals and businesses
establishing operations and across the globe (Steger, 2017). These class of business people is in a
constant move from one location of their companies to another. While on the move, these
individuals strive to ensure that their businesses, wherever they are, are operating efficiently and
smoothly. The need for printing, computing, and scanning services usually arise while these
people are on the move. As such, the design and manufacture of the all-in-one laptop and printer
sought to meet these needs.
The move by Dellags Company to consider the introduction of the new product in the
market was based on the firm’s capabilities and expertise in the market for computers and
printers. Additionally, the company was well endowed with the resources critical for the design
and manufacture of the all-in-one laptop and printer based on its current expertise in both sectors
of the market. The company also had in place a dedicated research and development team vital
for the identification of existing gaps in the market as well as an engineering team that sought
innovation to meet identified consumer needs. Dellags Company is well known in the market for
its reputation in the design of unique and efficient products in the market hence the decision to
build on this reputation further through more innovative products. The company sought to earn a
competitive edge in the computer and printing industries through product differentiation hence
gaining and maintaining leadership in the industry.
An opportunity that the Idea Addresses
Advancement in technology has brought with its possibilities as well as challenges in
equal measure. Advances in technology in the computer and printing industry have seen various
innovation aimed at meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers in the sector (Dau et al.,
2017). With changing technology, players in the industry have faced various challenges such as
redundancy of products and increased competition as other players take over the market through
the introduction of new and efficient products. Dellags Company has been a significant player in
the computer and printing sectors of the industry. The company has studied the trends in the
market and consequently identified the changes in the tastes and preferences of consumers based
on the dynamic business environment.
Research and innovation capabilities have seen the company discover an opportunity in
the market and consequently develop a product that seeks to meet the needs created by this
opportunity. There have been many advances in the computer and printing sectors of the
economy with consumers continuously seeking efficient and portable products. This has seen the
move from the design and manufacture of personal computers to consumers’ now preferring
smartphones with all computer capabilities. Consumers are seeking to access and share as much
information as possible most conveniently and efficiently.
While compact and portable printers have been designed and sold in the market, there is
an opportunity for Dellags Company to innovate on a more appropriate and diversified product
that meets a diverse needs of consumers regarding scanning printing and computing. In the past,
businesspeople have had to gain access to printing centers to print any business information
required for the smooth operations in an organization. With globalization and the continuing
trend of mobile managers, Dellags has seen an opportunity hence the design and manufacture of
the all-in-one laptop and printer to meet these needs (Gibson, Rosen, & Stucker, 2015). The new
product is designed in such a manner that the computer has compartments for paper input and an
outlet for printed materials. The product is also fitted with printing capabilities to meet all the
computer and printing needs of consumers while on the move. The current brand of business
individuals believes that information is power; hence, their continuous quest for access and
sharing of information even while on the move.
The market for the All-in-one Laptop and Printer
All-in-one laptop and printer has a ready market from the current-day business
executives. This is a class of individuals with expertise in managing operations over global
geographic locations. These individuals are often managers and executives of multinational
corporations with services in various geographic regions globally. While the managers have to
move from one area to another, they treasure the accessibility to information critical for decision
making in multiple offices of an organization. As such, these managers seek to access printing,
scanning, and computer services while on the move. With the dynamic business environment,
this class of managers believes in decisions based on accurate and detailed information.
The all-in-one laptop and printer is designed in such a manner to meet these needs
adequately. Even while on the move, the new product gives these managers the capability to
access information and make the best-though-out decisions for the company based on the
analysis of information and data obtained in real-time from various locations of an organization.
The efficiency of the product, as well as its portability, is also likely to appeal to a
premium category of business executives who are technology-savvy and in search of a product
with innovative technologies. Such class of individuals is excited about the acquisition of
product designed using the latest market technologies and with the capability for adequately
meeting their needs in the computing and printing services.
The computer and printing sectors of the industry have faced increasing competition over
time. Key players are continuously looking for ways of gaining an increased market share and
hence, profitability in the market. As such, the industry is competitive with only those players
that can offer differentiated products and services, maintaining a significant market share.
Competition in the industry has driven various firms out of the market hence the need for Dellags
Company to differentiate its products to gain and maintain a competitive edge.
The all-in-one laptop and printer is one-of-its-kind in the market. It combines the
capabilities of scanning, printing, and computing services into one efficient and portable device.
The product comes in a compact laptop-sized product that makes it easy to use anywhere at any
time. The product comes with the highest-specification printing and computing software
compressed into one product hence meeting the diverse needs of consumers in the market
(Prisecaru, 2016). While fixed with all the capabilities associated with printing and computing,
the all-in-one laptop and printer is priced to be affordable to the middle and the premium class
category of consumers. It makes it easy for the user to access a wide range of services at an
affordable and cost-effective cost. While competitors are offering two different products to strive
and meet the needs of users, the all-in-one laptop and printer adequately meet these needs from
just one product.
The uniqueness of the product is also based on well-established supply chain processes at
Dellags making the product available for consumers across the globe. Dellags Company
distributes its product through online and physical stores located in various locations globally.
The move ensures that the product is available at the order of consumers globally. Additionally,
the company ensures the availability of sales personnel in all its physical stores to explain the
product use to the consumers and provide after-sales services. For the consumers who acquire
the product through the company’s online stores, the company offers an easily accessible
customer care team which attends to the concerns of the consumer at any time every day. This
means that the user of the product is well covered by the company hence ensuring customer
satisfaction and consequently loyalty.
Dellags Company is among the leaders in the industry. The company’s strategic move is
to innovate on its product and services to deliver products that adequately meet the changing
needs as well as tastes and preferences of consumers in the market. The company invests
considerable resources on its research and development department to ensure adequate research
and innovation of products to remain among the leaders in the industry (Shan, Song, & Ju, 2016).
The design and manufacture of the all-in-one laptop and printer fit within the mission of the
company, stated as the ability of the firm to provide differentiated products and services for the
benefit of the ultimate consumer.
The priorities of Dellags Company lies with the ability of the firm to create a loyal
customer base through the creation of products and provision of services that adequately meet
their needs. The all-in-one laptop and printer is designed in close consideration of the needs of a
specific category of business executives. In this manner, the product fits with the company’s
priority of ensuring customer satisfaction and contentment above all else.
The company’s commitment to meeting the needs of the customers is linked to its long
term mission and strategic plan. It is within the firm’s strategic vision to gain an increased share
of the market. Its increased efforts at research and innovation is closely linked to the company’s
strategic plan which seeks to transform the company towards better identification and investment
in projects with better returns as well as those with the capability of meeting the needs of
The all-in-one laptop and printer is a one-of-its-kind product in the market. The product
is innovative based on the combination of printing, scanning, and computing capabilities into one
device. Even with the combination of these multiple features, the product comes in a compact
and easily portable design allowing for ease in use of the product anywhere anytime. The product
combines the latest technological advances in the printing and computing sectors of the industry,
adequately meeting the diverse needs of consumers (MacDonald & Wicker, 2016). The project
design and engineering team of Dellags Company had to spend a considerable amount of time to
design and manufacture the product using the latest technological advances and with the needs of
the ultimate consumer in mind.
Innovation is a factor of product differentiation at Dellags Company. The company
invests substantial budget amounts on research and development. The company also motivates
and engages employees for the design and manufacture of revolutionary products in accordance
with the changing needs and preferences of consumers.
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Project Milestone Two: Implementation Plan
Dellags Company is committed to the best outcome in the implementation of its latest
project in the market. The company seeks to ensure that the implementation process is smooth to
allow for ease and efficiency in the introduction of the new product in the market. The
implementation process turns the company’s strategies and plans into actions necessary for the
accomplishment of strategic goals and objectives.
Physical and Technological Resources
Many resources come into play in the implementation of Dellags new project. The
company requires adequate resources to ease the design and introduction of the product in the
market as well as to generate revenue from the sales of the product. Dellags will establish a
designing and manufacturing unit in its main factory at the company’s head office. The available
plant provides adequate space for the design and manufacturing processes of the all-in-one
laptop and printer.
Additionally, the available plant is fitted with the necessary equipment and machines
used in the design and manufacture of the company’s latest product. Currently, the company is
the leading manufacturer of personal computers and printers. As such, only a few machines will
be customized to handle the design and manufacture of the all-in-one laptop and printer.
The equipment and tools available in the company’s manufacturing plant are useful in the
design and manufacture of the all-in-one laptop and printer. Some of the tools and equipment
will, however, be customized to handle the design and manufacture of the new product.
Additionally, replacements of some parts will be carried out to ensure the availability of
adequate physical resources for the production of the company’s latest product.
Technological resources are also vital for the successful implementation of the
company’s latest products (Bharadwaj, 2000). The all-in-one laptop and printer is designed using
the latest technologies in the market. It is a one-of-its-own product in the market. As such, the
company has adopted the latest technologies in personal computing as well as the printing
sectors. The technologies are compressed to produce a functional product that adequately meets
the printing, scanning, and computing needs of the consumers. The company is committed to the
best product in the market as exhibited by its investment in the latest printing technologies
including hybrid printing, Nano-scale printing, micro dispensing as well as three-dimensional
printing for use and application in different industries. The technology targets at effectiveness in
printed technology, publishing, packaging, aerospace, automotive, and such other areas. This
technology is vital in the implementation of cost-effective printing capabilities by avoiding long
process chain as well as sophisticated logistics associated with the printing processes.
Quantum computing is slowly becoming a force to reckon in the personal computing
industry. Given the increased capabilities and expertise of Dellags Company, the latest product
takes into consideration this technology. It adds on to the ability of the laptop to be faster and
efficient in operations. The technology is vital in the strength of the company’s latest product to
find quick solutions to problems hence its ability to meet the needs of the consumers (Tidd &
Bessant, 2018).
Implementation Schedule
The implementation of the new project at Dellags Company begins with market testing of
the product. The research and development manager will be responsible for this process to
ascertain the reception of the product as well as establish the areas that require modification to
meet the needs of the clients in the market (Patanakul, Shenhar, & Milosevic, 2012). The market
testing and research will be conducted for three months upon the completion of the design and
manufacture of the all-in-one laptop and printer for the pilot testing.
Consequently, the design engineer will work in collaboration with the research and
development manager to implement any changes in the design of the product as per the
consumer specification during testing. The design engineer will adjust the product’s
specifications to meet the need of the consumers and consequently develop a product that is
acceptable in the market. The process is expected to take three months from the completion of
the market pilot testing.
Six months following the design and manufacture of the all-in-one laptop, the full roll-out
of the product will be conducted. This will be done by a collaboration between the marketing
department and the operations manager. The need is to ensure that the product reaches out to as
many potential clients as possible. The operations manager will be responsible for ensuring that
the supply chain is useful in ensuring the availability of the product for the consumer at the right
time. He/she will also be responsible for setting up various stores and training the personnel there
to handle consumer concerns regarding the new product. Effective distribution channels will be
vital in ensuring the availability of the product to the potential consumer at the right time to meet
their current needs (Cooper & Sommer, 2016).
The marketing manager, on the other hand, will be responsible for promoting the product
and creating awareness about the product among the target consumers. Promotional campaigns
will be conducted through various mediums and channels to ensure that consumers are fully
aware of the existence of the company’s product as well as being aware of the product-use to
meet consumer needs. The marketing manager will also empower the marketing and sales team
to ensure an effective roll-out of the product in the market. There is a need for effective customer
services to ensure a pool of loyal customers who are satisfied with the company’s products.
Various departments at Dellags Company will work collaboratively to ensure the
successful implementation and launch of the product in the market. The project manager will be
responsible for ensuring coordination between the departments to ensure that the product launch
goes as per the plans. Communication is a critical element; hence, an effective communication
system will be put in place to ensure the free flow of information between the project
implementation team.
Project Review Processes
Successful implementation of the project is crucial for the success of Dellags Company.
The company is committed to ensuring success in its latest product hence the adoption of review
processes at various stages of product implementation. First, the company will review the
product reception response during its pilot marketing. It is expected that the company should sell
at least 5,000 units of the all-in-one laptop and printer during the pilot testing process. If the
target is achieved, it means that the product has better chances of success in the market. The
review process at this stage ensures that the company has met the targets. Any deviations call for
corrective measures based on the consumer feedback obtained during market testing (Sta …
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