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Post Discussion: IdentityAs a coach, you are charged with helping your team learn the importance of separating the athlete’s identity from the sport and recognizing that the person is greater than the athlete. You must help focus an athlete on those things they can control, and help them see that who they can be as person is more important than their performance as an athlete. As you set goals for your team, it is important to include a focus on things that they have control over.Reflect on the definition of a goal in What Drives Winning (Ledbetter, 2015):Goal: The result to which our effort is aimed.As you reflect on this definition, consider the following questions for your initial post:Where does the U.S. and international sport culture place the most focus and attention, results or effort? Why do you believe that is?Do athletes have 100% control over results or effort? Explain.What might happen to an athlete when focus is placed on things outside of individual control?If an athlete’s identity is tied to results, how might that affect the athlete’s self-worth, motivation, and performance?From your experiences, what kind of athlete is more easily motivated, the one who has a stable self-identity detached from results and is focused more clearly on “who” they are as a person, or the athlete who is in it only to win it and to get their piece of the pie? Explain.Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.ReferencesLedbetter, B. (2015). What drives winning. Green Dot Publishing.

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