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Post Discussion: Primary Core ValuesTo prepare: Take the “ Individual Core Value Survey ” (Moeller, 2016).Inside each person is a set of values that rise up as most important. Reflect on your base value system. What is most important to you? What and when are you willing to compromise? What will you never compromise?Core covenants/values are a vision of the actions that you will never compromise. For example:Is there room for compromise when an athlete does not finish a sprint?As an AD or a head coach, is there room for compromise when a coach/assistant coach yells from the sideline degrading the athlete with no instruction?For your initial post, address the following:What do you feel is one of your primary core values and why?Do you feel it is important for others to explicitly know your core values? Explain.How might you react if this value was not honored by others? Describe your feelings, thoughts and actions.Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.ReferencesMoeller, K. (n.d.). Core value survey [Class handout]. College of Education, Concordia University, Portland, OR.

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