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A major challenge for many growing companies is encouraging workers to help in building the company and not to simply be there to get a paycheck. This issue has led management teams to focus on building collaborative work cultures and incorporating shared visions among employees of their respective companies.In building a deeper perspective into this challenge, you will be reading a case study, on page 302 303 of our ebook, that focuses on a company called The Sky Factory®. Once you read the Real-World Case on this Company, and complete your additional outside research, address the following questions: (please note the questions here are slightly different than those in the ebook and you should only address the questions that follow here.)Many successful companies practice open-book management that includes disclosing financial information to all employees. What are the potential benefits of this disclosure?Why would some companies not want employees to have access to all information in a company, including financial information?How do you think owning a piece of a company, through profit sharing or stock options, affects employees’ attitudes?Besides open-book management and profit sharing, how else can The Sky Factory motivate employees?Based on the company you would like to start, how would you ensure that you build a collaborative work culture that incorporates a shared vision among your employees? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your strategy here?APA Requirements & SuggestionsAPA format writing has very specific writing requirements that need to be met and are graded. A few of these major requirements include:Microsoft Office programs only: Word, PowerPoint, or Excel (versions 2007 or higher)A Title Page should be the first page of your AssignmentEach page should be double-spaced (no spaces between paragraphs)You will indent each new paragraphFont should be Times New Roman and 12 pt. font only1” margins all around for your page setupAPA formatted Reference Page is the last page of your assignmentYour Reference Page should include at least two “qualified” research sources on itYou should include at least two Citations in your response section (each instance should be just a sentence or two or support your writing)Bullet Points and Numbered Lists should not be usedQualified Research Sources should only be used (i.e. no resources exemplified by Wikipedia and will be accepted) and typically these are found by using resources like the Library and Google Scholar.The paper should be a minimum of two pages long, double-spaced. The minimum length does not include the cover page and the reference page. All sources should be referenced as sources cited. Check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. Citations should use APA style.Make sure your document includes:Your NameDateCourse Name and Section NumberUnit NumberAssignment NamePage NumbersSubmit to the Unit 6: Assignment Dropbox

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