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A good knowledge in Salesmanship subject and attached you can find the checklist for the powerpint

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Salesmanship – BSM 283
Spring 2019
Choose any brand in cars. Do research and answer all the questions below.
Prepare a Power point and present it in class. Make sure you cover all the points down. You can add
extra information of your choice. The project carries 15% of your total grade. Submission on Sunday,
the 21st of April, 2019.
Power Point: Guidelines for the power point

The story of the birth of the company
Marketing Mix
Most suitable sales organization structure
Transformational or Transactional selling
Porters generic strategies- Differentiation, Overall cost leadership , Focus
Selling strategies that they use
If you were the sales manager which training methods do you think is most effective – why?
Impact of social media on the company
Strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility
Eminent leaders in the company and their leadership styles
In your viewpoint, which compensations methods and motivational tools are most effective
for this organization? Why?

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