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Quality Control Manual

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Section Headings

Week 1: Introduction

History of the quality management evolution
Why it is needed
Week 2: The Role of Leadership

Why it is a strategic issue
Management as a role model
New kinds of metrics
Week 3: General Quality Strategies and Tools

Establishing customer expectations
Designing quality in
Defining metrics
Six Sigma
Week 4: Quality Tactics and the Logistics and Supply Chain Functions

What tools are applicable internally
What tools are applicable externally with vendors Part 2 Tasks for Part 2 will be completed in Week 5 and will be 250–300 words.

Week 5: Roll-Out

A communication plan
Recommended sequence of steps to get personnel trained
Stakeholders on board (e.g., the vendor base, trucking companies, warehouse personnel)

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Evolution of Quality Management IP
Misty Fresenburg
Evolution of quality management
Quality management can be traced back to the Middle Ages were work executed by
apprentices, and journeymen was inspected and evaluated by skilled individuals. The main aim
of inspecting was to ensure that the work met the quality standards, which was vital for ensuring
buyer satisfaction. In the 1920s, quality management systems were introduced. The use of
statistical theory ensured that the end products were of the required quality. Quality management
has over time helped companies to improve their products, performance, durability, and even
reliability (LumenCandela, 2017).
Companies are adopting strategic quality management directions which focus on
customers. The main aim of this strategy is the meet the customer’s expectations and needs.
When a company understands the needs and prevalence’s of customers, it ensures there is
customer loyalty and increases in revenue (Deming, 2017). The other one is leadership directions
where companies have realized that good leadership leads to their success. Companies thus
engaging this principle of management with the understanding that it will create unity and
purpose among the employees (Deming, 2017). The organization which my quality control
manual is intended for is Vans Company, which is owned by VF Corporation. The company
manufacturer’s skateboarding shoes and other related apparel like t-shirts, socks, and even
The Deming theory changed the mode of attacking problems through the use of numbers
to quality. Through his “14 points,” he changed the use of quality management in Japan where
the country has benefited since then. Due to his contribution, quality management has become
more strategic, philosophical, and also theoretical. The advantages of Deming is that it is easy to
set expectations, easy to quantify, and even easy to base performance on evaluations. On the
other hand, its disadvantage is that it moves the focus to standard thus putting more work on the
side of experts instead of workers (Deming, 2017). The Six Sigma, on the other hand, is not a
revolutionary way of thinking, and thus, it does not create new quality tools. Despite this, some
tools like the quality function deployment are new to the program. Advantages of this program
are that it can add value and ensure there is quality output in an organization. This means that it
can be used to enhance customer satisfaction by creating an optimized supply chain process
(Shmula, 2017). Despite this, Six Sigma is time-consuming considering the amount of time
required to formulate large amounts of empirical data (Shmula, 2017).
Week 2: The Role of Leadership
Deming, E. (2017). The History of Quality Management — Quality Management System.
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LumenCandela. (2017). Quality Management | Boundless Business. Retrieved from

Quality Management

Shmula. (2017). The Evolution of Six Sigma Throughout the Years |. Retrieved from

The Evolution of Six Sigma Throughout the Years


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