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900 WORDS; 4 SOURCES (PREFERABLY INTERNET SOURCES) OVERVIEWDue to the challenges of a global market place, business teams are spread over three continents. The challenge of having a successful global presence requires virtual teams to enable a high degree of coordination in the development, production and marketing of products to customers across the world. Growth and globalization present significant challenges for W. L. Gore as it strives to maintain a family-like, entrepreneurial culture. Gore’s culture maximizes individual potential in a creative environment. The culture results from a commitment to technology for developing quality products. This strategy is carried out through a unique approach to leadership.CASE LINK:[PD]%20Documentos%20-%20Culture%20of%20innovation.pdfTUTOR, here is your question… I. What should Gore do to build effective global teams?A. solutions to challenges/issues

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