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Understanding authentic leadership and identifying your own personal basis of leadership is important when relating your duties as a human service administrator to the roles and responsibilities of the nonprofit board. Participate in this discussion after reading the journal articles and watching the video about authentic leadership.

What leaders, past or present, do you admire most? Why?
What leadership qualities do you have that are similar?
What leadership qualities would you like to develop?
Consider the five dimensions of an authentic leader:

Do you understand your purpose?
Do you practice your values?
Do you lead with your heart?
Do you establish connected relationships?
Do you demonstrate self-discipline?

Do you feel that you are more effective as a leader when you are authentic, or does being authentic constrain your leadership effectiveness?
What would you say are some of your professional strengths?
What have coworkers (past or present) appreciated, acknowledged, and/or admired about the things you do or how you interact with others at work? List as many as possible.
What would you say are some of your personal strengths?

textbook, Developing Nonprofit and Human Service Leaders:
Chapter 4: “Leadership”
Chapter 6: “Agency Planning”
From the Library, please read:
Lee, R. J., & King, S. N. (2011). Your leadership profile. In King, S. & Altman, D. (Eds.), Discovering the leader in you: A guide to realizing your personal leadership potential(pp. 95-120). San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Herman, R. D. (2010). Strategic planning and the strategy change cycle. In Renz, D. (Eds.), The jossey-bass handbook of nonprofit leadership and management (pp. 230-261). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
Sattar, B. (2015). Discovering your authentic leadership. Leadership Excellence Essentials, 32(3), 30.
Inam, H. (2015). Wired for authenticity. Leadership Excellence Essentials, 32(8), 9.
Please watch the following supplemental video:
Torres, R. (2013, October). What it takes to be a great leader [Video file]. Retrieved from
Chapter 4 identifies a four quadrant leadership system along with the associated leadership theories and shows how different skills can be categorized and used in nonprofit leadership. Chapter 6 introduces a strategic planning process to keep an organization moving in the right direction. These tools of the strategic planning process include developing a vision statement, mission statement, guiding principles, and goals and objectives as well as the SWOT method of analysis.

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