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Position (Traditional Argument)* Arguer states a claim and proves it by drawing on various types of support, including reasoning and evidence.* Objective is to convince an audience that the claim is valid and that the arguer is right.* Uses rebuttal to demonstrate how the opponent is wrong and to encourage the audience to reject the position.* Emphasizes winning the argument.*Uses a single-perspective argument, where the writer argues to convince the audience of one point of view.*Has its tradition in classical sources and predominates American Culture.Rogerian Argument*Emphasizes finding common ground between writer and audience.*Involves discovering what two parties have in common.*Requires the writer to understand the issue in general and the opposition’s view in particular.*Aims to make connections, create common ground, and understand one another.*Reduces the opposition’s sense of conflict with the writer so alternatives can be considered.For this assignment you will use Rogerian Argument to persuade your opposition that your position can be valid through the use of compromise. In other words, the audience for this paper will be those who oppose your position. Follow the following four-step format (NOTE: The four-step process does not mean four paragraphs! Your essay should be at least seven paragraphs long, approximately 1000+ words):1. Generically introduce the topic and show how it affects those on both sides of the argument. This should be done in such a way that DOES NOT show bias toward your position regarding the problem or issue. This section explains or depicts the issue while making sure not to influence the audience or reveal your position. Both sides in the argument should agree with this section of the essay.2. Identify your opposition’s point of view and explain it empathetically. This section of the essay should show that you understand your opponent’s position and can present it in such a way that does not attack or refute your audience’s point of view. This section also shows in which contexts and under what conditions elements of the opponent’s position may be valid. This part of the essay should show which part of the opponent’s position you could agree with. Many times it is simply the acknowledgement that the opposition does have valid points! Remember, this part of Rogerian Argument is absolutely critical!3. State your own position and explain the contexts in which your position is valid. This section should present your position in terms that will not alienate your audience. Be careful not to make the opponent feel “wrong.”4. Show that there is common ground between the two positions. Explain how your opponent’s position will benefit if they adopt elements of your own position. This section shows that the two positions complement each other and that each supplies what the other lacks. Try to reach a compromise that might solve the problem to the satisfaction of both sides.Other requirements: Four full pagesThree sourcesWorks Cited

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