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300 words assignment. Make sure you follow instructions keenly. I need someone with English command. No plagiarism please and no grammar typosKindly follow instructions and ensure top quality work no plagiarsm no grammar typos


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Yuchong Fan
AGRI 2030 A01
Crop Gene Bank: Summary
Although gene banks are important for food-secure future, most of them are
facing to a problem – a lack of secure funding. Thus, Cary Fowler said, “I can’t
name a single gene bank that operates on a secure, multiyear budget.” In Peru,
David Ellis also realized the same situation. In order to solving the budget
problem, the Global Crop Diversity Trust would apply an endowment from
governments, to avoid of crops extinction.
Cary Fowler said, “At any given time there is almost always something bad going
on in one of the gene banks around the world.” Actually, except the lack of
funding, gene banks have various threats. “Climate change is reality,” says
Valerie Saena Tuia, based on a number of gene banks destroyed by disasters
around Pacific. To avoid destroy of gene banks, Fowler established a seed bank
in Svalbard, but it is just an icebound warehouse.
Luis Salazar said, “No country has enough diversity to be self-sufficient.” So that
there are 135 countries joined the Treaty for Plant Genetic Resources for food
and Agriculture, and realized the world is independent. The international
standards of gene banks were set by FAO in 2014, but there were few
participants meet it. Fowler led assessment for long-term conservation twice, the
first time in 1996 and the second in 2010. The result was better in the second
assessment. For storage of seeds, cold storage can remain viable for 100 years,
but the price is too expensive, thus some developing countries such as India is
exploring liquid nitrogen method in order to cost less.
Axel Diederichsen mentions “The first priority is simply to keep the material
viable, then, labor permitting, we want to characterize the material – linking
physical traits to genes.” Likewise, Linda Collette says “with climate change, to
characterize crop varieties and wild relatives and involve breeders to develop
varieties.” Only storing is not enough to save gene banks.
There is a turning point of gene banks. “Although most gene banks were
created in the 1970s, the context in which they operate today is remarkably
different,” says Fowler. And Greene also says, “you will put your life on the line to
protect this material.”
Original Article:
Word count: 374
AGRI 2030 Technical Communication
Academic Writing Assignment
At the beginning of class. See the syllabus for assignment submission guidelines and
due date.
5% of your final grade
Please use the article: “Crop gene banks are preserving the future of agriculture. But who’s
Preserving them?” to complete this assignment. The article can be found at:
1.) Write a Summary:
➢ Write a summary of the feature article above using the inverted pyramid method.
➢ Make sure that you provide a summary of the author’s viewpoint as it is written. Do
not editorialize.
➢ Make sure you pay attention to detail: think in terms of the “5 W’s.” Be specific: do
not just simply state that the author “wrote something” or “said something” if, in
fact, the author referenced a study from a particular organization from a particular
year. Include key relevant details about the sources of information the author uses,
and where possible, the age of those sources.
➢ Make sure you include the following in your summary: the author’s name,
publication name, date of publication, article title. Also, include a link to the
original article at the bottom of your summary.
Word count for the summary: 375 words Maximum (min. 300)
AGRI 2030 Technical Communication
Academic Writing Assignment
Summary Rubric
Content: Have you included all content that is requested in the assignment instructions? Have you
accurately summarized the main idea of the article? Have you included the most important details?
Have you paid attention to the 5 W’s and noted the sources the author has used, as well as all key dates,
organizations, etc.? Have you included a sufficient amount of detail? Have you avoided including
unnecessary detail? Have you attributed all direct quotations to the author? Have you included between
1-3 direct quotations in your work? 50%
Organization: Have you organized your summary in the inverted pyramid format? Have you placed the
main point of the article first, and then included other details in descending order from most important to
least important? Have you used an effective paragraphing structure (short paragraphs)? 10%
Style: Have you adhered to the APA style guide? Have you followed the technical writing style
conventions we’ve discussed and practiced in class? Think tone, concise sentences, clear language,
active voice, a variety of sentence structures, avoidance of clichés, etc. 20%
Mechanics: Grammar,Spelling,Punctuation. 20%
_____ %

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