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Prepare: Critically read Chapter 4 (attached below) of your textbook. Then, pick one adult in your life you regularly interact with and guess their level of use for each Pattern. If you prefer, give them the Learning Connections Inventory (LCI) using the EXP 105 Instructions (attached below) Note: This version is appropriate for individuals ages 16 and up. Also, attached is the Instructor Sample. Please look at the sample to see how to write this discussion.Reflect: A heightened awareness of the similarities and differences between yourself and others around you is a critical component in the process of becoming an intentional learner. Reflect on how this individual’s Learning Patterns are similar to or different from yours.Write: In a minimum of 250 words, address the following:For the person you chose, identify the level of use (Use First, Use as Needed, Avoid) for each Learning Pattern and describe how they use it. Specify if you are guessing the level of use or if you gave them the LCI.Remind us of your Learning Patterns by listing the level of use.Provide an example that demonstrates how Learning Patterns led to positive interactions or created friction between you and the person you selected. Applying what you know about Learning Patterns, how do you now view the incident?Requirements:*Write this all in your own words. Plagiarism will not be accepted. *This is a discussion, their is no formatting requirements.

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Instructor Sample Discussion
For this discussion, I gave the LCI quiz to my brother Juan Carlos. He took the LCI
quiz and he was determined to be a “dynamic learner.” Below I will breakdown
each of his learning patterns:
My brother’s sequence pattern (18) was a “use as needed” level. My brother Juan
Carlos is an elementary school teacher and he uses the sequence pattern to help
him create a daily curriculum for his class. Outside of the classroom, he is not 100%
a timely person and tends to be forgetful which aligns with his “use as needed” level.
His precision pattern score (31) was at a “use first” level which did not surprise me.
My brother has always loved to read books and research as much information as
possible. His desire for sharing knowledge lead him to pursue a career in teaching.
The next pattern is the technical reasoning (23) pattern which he placed at a “use
as needed” level. This score came as a surprise since my brother enjoys technical
work such as building a website. He uses his technical reasoning pattern to help him
set up technical aspects of his classroom. However, when it comes to problem
solving my brother will contact me to help him brainstorm solutions to a problem.
Lastly, Juan Carlos’s confluence pattern (28) was a “use first” level. This score was
on par because my brother is a very creative person. He is always looking to start a
creative venture such designing backpacks for children. In his classroom, he uses
his confluence pattern to create unique games to keep the children engaged in their
I am a “strong willed” learner and my LCI patterns are as follows: sequence (32)
“use first” level, my precision (31) was a “use first” level, my confluence (25) also a
“use first” level and technical reasoning (19) was a “use as needed” level.
After seeing his results, I was able to understand his actions based off his learning
patterns. I was able to identify that his teaching profession was a great match for his
patterns. We have had positive interactions because we both have “use first”
precision and confluence patterns. We often tend to share information pertaining to
many different subjects and can talk for hours about his business ideas. I was very
happy to have shared this LCI experience with him and I view the incident positively
as it bought us closer together.

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